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What is an EPC certificate?

In a nutshell, an Energy Performance Certificate, or EPC, is confirmation of how energy efficient any given home it, on a scale from A to G. It takes into account a number of factors, and can only be granted to a property following a full energy survey by an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor…


...which is where we come in.

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Why are EPC certificates so important?

Energy Performance Certificates help home-owners improve their energy efficiency. Not only do they rate the building, but they also provide advice for improving the existing rating, as well as information regarding the energy costs between different ratings. This helps our clients become more proactive in regard to their energy use, which is beneficial not only to the environment, but to their own bank balance.

Do I need an EPC certificate?

An Energy Performance Certificate is a legal requirement for anybody who is building, selling, or renting a property. If you fall into one of these categories, then you are obliged to have your property assessed by an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor, who will then provide you with your EPC certificate, confirmed the buildings energy efficiency rating.


If you do not fall into any of these categories – perhaps you are a tenant, or you have no intention of selling your home at present – you can still have an assessment done, and be furnished with an Energy Performance Certificate. Many people like to have one in order to see where improvements can be made about the home regarding their own energy use.

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How long is my EPC valid for?

Energy Performance Certificates are valid for ten years, though you can choose to have another assessment (and another EPC certificate) in the interim if, for example, you have chosen to make modifications to your property to improve your EPC rating.

How do I improve the rating on my EPC Certificate

There are a number of way that you can improve your Energy Performance Certificate rating. Here are some of the more common ones:


A. Use energy-efficient light bulbs throughout the property.


B. Insulation is a massive factor in your EPC certificate rating, as it reduces wasted energy, so be sure to insulate any hot water tanks.


C. See that you loft is adequately insulated. This is a key component of the assessment. If our assessors are unable to access the attic or loft to ensure that it has been insulated correctly, make sure you have all the relevant paperwork to prove that the insulation has been fitted.


D. Cavity wall insulation is a valuable investment if you want to improve your EPC certificate rating. If the insulation is not visible (perhaps because of rending, for instance), you will need to provide is with the paperwork to show it was fitted.


E. Double-glazed windows can have a huge impact on your Energy Performance Certificate rating. Most units will have the date of installation visible on them but, if not, ensure you have all the relevant paperwork for our assessors to inspect when they come round.


F. A regularly serviced boiler, with a full service history is an important part of our inspection. If you have any manuals or service documents available, please have them on hand for our assessors, as determining specific boiler details just from looking at them can prove difficult.

Your local Energy Performance Certificate company

We are based in Ilford, in Essex, and cover a 50 mile radius that takes in large areas of London and Essex, including our valued customers in Ilford itself, as well as Walthamstow, Romford, Dagenham, and Newham. Our EPC experts know the area well, turn up on time, and handle the inspection efficiently.

Ten years in the business

The EPC Company was founded in 2008, the same years that Energy Performance Certificates became compulsory for landlords. We have been providing EPC assessments to our customers in Ilford, Walthamstow, Romford, Dagenham, and Newham since the very beginning, giving our assessors a level of experience and expertise that cannot be matched.

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